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Frequently Asked Questions

When & Where

How long does it take to play?

The game itself is 75 minutes. The entire experience is about two hours from when we start handing out materials to when we announce the winners, give or take 20 minutes depending on the size of the group. We suggest a schedule that gives players time to swap stories and strategies afterwards.

We want to do this in the afternoon. Is that possible?

Yes! We can host an event whenever you like.

How far in advance do I have to book?

We need only 24 hours of advanced notice and can fast-track an event to meet a close deadline. You can also book us up to 6 months in advance.

Where are you located?

Our office is in San Francisco, but our parties are mobile. We can come to your own office, home, favorite restaurant or another private venue of your choice. Cars and plane rides are no problem, and we’re happy to provide venue recommendations for the Bay Area.

Who's Invited

Do you need a certain gender balance?

Nope. Professions at The Racket are gender-neutral.

What age do players need to be enjoy the game?

While we designed this for adults, we’ve had successful games with players as young as 11. Most of our clients are between 22 and 45, but we’ve had a great time with 16th and 50th birthdays.

Some of my guests might need to arrive late or leave early. Can they still play?

Our Hosts are happy to assist anyone arriving late, and ducking out early doesn’t disrupt the game for other guests. That being said, time is of the essence, and missing part of the game makes it much harder to win. We strongly suggest that players arrive on time if at all possible.

My players don’t know each other well. Will they still have fun?

Even better! The Racket is the perfect opportunity for strangers to strike up a conversation. We’ve hosted singles events and networking parties, and we get great feedback from +1’s at company events about how easy it is to get to know people.

What's Included

Is there food? Do you serve it?

We like to keep people on their toes, and The Racket is played standing up. Appetizers or a buffet-style dinner work well during the game, as does playing as part of a cocktail hour before or after a sit-down meal. We don’t do catering ourselves, but we know every joint in town and can recommend a restaurant, bar or catering company to match your tastes.

Are there prizes?

We stick to the honor of a game well-played, but we’re happy to hand out prizes you provide. You can visit the Trophy Room for some ideas. Because the party is more fun when guests feel like they’re playing with each other instead of competing against one another, we suggest you make any prizes a surprise reveal for the ending.

What do you need to set up the game?

Ideally, we’ll want at least three tables of flat surfaces that can each hold a cash tray and some other game materials. A sound system is preferable, but it’s not necessary, and often we can bring in a small one. We’ve played in conference rooms, lobbies, and cafeteria, so finding a private space is a nice touch, but not strictly necessary.

Do you have different themes or storylines to pick from?

The Racket is like a big board game—the setup is always the same, and what happens is always different. We can’t change the content, but the time-period is flexible, so if you want to host a roaring 1920’s party or something out of the Hitchcock 50’s, we can help you create the right atmosphere for your event.

What will happen if people don’t pay attention or stay engaged?

That has yet to be a problem. It’s a fun and compelling enough experience that people stay with it until the end. We’ve also designed gameplay to be flexible enough that players can slow down enough to grab a drink and catch up with a friend for a few minutes without detracting from their own experience or other players’.

How to Play

Do we have to act?

No. Instead of a new character to play, guests get a new profession with skills that they can use to their advantage. Some guests might have fun putting on an accent or playing tough, but how you perform at your new job is completely up to you.

Do we have to dress up?

Suggested dress is black and to kill, and we encourage our guests to consult the Dressing Room for style ideas. If your guests need to make a quick-change, our Costume Trunk includes 100 hand-picked accessories. If black isn’t you or your group’s color, however, no problem! Dressing the part is part of the fun but not essential to enjoying the game.

Can you play more than once?

Yes. Guests who have played before might have the advantage of experience, but won’t know anything that ruins the game for themselves or other players.